Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD)

Finally after couple of months of hard work, I have successfully passed CLD exam. It was great time doing all the examples and exploring new approaches for problem solving. Next step now and little bit a challenge is to start LVOOP at daily basis.

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Measurement Extractor – C#

This application was developed to help our quality department to prepare reports for customers. It is simple application where they need to paste serial number of products and select product version, after pressing read data application will look into DB for reports and extract measurements to table. Then user can copy it to excel sheet. Application was written in C# to allow user without LabVIEW run-time engine access measurement data.



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Software Uploader Status – LabVIEW

Software Uploader Status was an application developed to help production, it shows status of each machine and it slots for selected SW version. It gives a clear status if we can produce on specific slot or machine for this SW. It reads status from DB for selected SW version.

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Software Uploader – LabVIEW

Software Uploader is a part of Remote Control Application, target for this functionality was to automatically upload 50GB’s of files to 36 machines, with MD5 check and with record to DB if the upload was successful. Before this application we had to do this manually, so we had to copy from network drive to each machine folder with files and run MD5 check for each file. Each machine had 7 slots, this was next step to upload on each position manually and also check MD5.

Because of that this application is a part of Remote Control, we can select multiple machines and in one click we can start task to download files from network drive in background, so we won’t stop production. When download to machine is complete we can now schedule with production stop for 3-4hrs to do upload on each position on selected machines, also with one click we are sending task to machines by Remote Control Panel. Application is downloading in the same time to all 7 slots. This application reduced production stop time from 24hrs to only 3-4hrs, so we can stop production and upload to 252 slots in same time.


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PC Remote Control – LabVIEW

This application was developed to remotely control 36 machines on production floor. Before we had to go to each machine and manually do actions like setting new parameters files or changing product table. In just few clicks we can update all machines and it saves us a lot of time that we spent before doing this manually.

This application has two parts:

TCP Server on client machine – this application is waiting for command that server sent, inside I have implemented several functions that we use often. Also it has option to call a .BAT (batch file) so it gives us some flexibility. When command is executed result is sent to control panel (pass/fail).

TCP Control Panel – This is user interface that allows user to select command and machines that he wants to control. It works based on TCP/IP communication and its sending string command with parameters to selected clients. It also indicates if sent was successfully and if result is pass or fail.

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C# LabView 64bit SQL Database Toolkit

Example of my C# code for db connectivity, because LV 64bits don’t support DB toolkit I had to write .NET dll. DLL was developed in C# and it uses .net 4.0. It has Connect,Query,UpdateInsertDelete,Close functions. Query will read data to string array, update,insert,delete will output number of affected rows, close connection will just close it.

Here is example of usage:

LabView SQL DB





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What is second most important ingredient for perfect manufacturing testing PIE? Yes it’s good tool for analysis of first ingredient (data from production floor). I have spent some time writing tools to check cpk/box plot, now its time to merge it into one. On screen shoot below you can see that we have Test/Step Name and time frame passed from caller. VI is reading data for specified measurement and then analysis is done to calculate CPK, trend and BOX Plot where we can see how each of machines are measuring our test. This last tool can help us determine which machine has to be repaired or adjusted. Analysis is done in few seconds, this way we are saving lots of time, and we can predict machine breakdown.




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WAGO 750-352 Modbus – TestStand StepType’s

Wago 750-352 with DI/DO AI and CAN Gateway, controlled by LabVIEW, used in TestStand as StepType. Communication by MODBUS.

Few screen shots from StepType I wrote for WAGO 750-352.


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Live results from production floor. Live FTQ


Last year I have spent some time developing tool for my company. I have went from simple application that save results to csv file, and then showing it on end station (supervisor station). This application went ftq live labview appfrom small easy application to big complex tool. During this year of development I had to find solution for many performance issues, you can imagine that application has to be flexible to use on other production lines, I had to be so flexible to add new option every week or so. At the start I have used some small cluster with all references to front panel controls/indicators and then during few month this one claster become bigger and contains all information I needed in sub vis. Application now is using DB instead of CSV. There is a lot of

execution time labview ftq


options like multiple export options and auto creation of daily production reports including ftq, pseudo fails, retests, test time and machine usage (%). Also charts of fails are available. Now application is used in one Factory across more than 10 production lines.






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LabView Pareto Chart/Graph


If you want to create Pareto chart using Labview this is what yneed to do:

graph_annotaions Labview graph__annotaionsp













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